The ordering process in a glance

You can easily select products and place them in a shopping basket. To actually order the chosen products you need to create an account once, as described below. After this you can use your e-mail address and password 24/7 to access all orders and material certificates of the products supplied. You can change information such as delivery addresses, look at currently processed orders etc. Orders are processed with a term of payment of 30 days, or payment in advance. Once the products of your choice are in your shopping basket you can easily change or remove them or add additional products. In the shopping basket you can add an internal order/reference number, and for each product an article number. 

When not satisfied, you can return your order within 14 days. We aim at making our web shop easy to work with, but if you need any assistance with placing an order please contact us at or +31 652407462, we’ll be happy to assist you.


Creating an account

To place an order you need to go through the initial process of creating an account once. This will only take a few minutes. You can do this at the start of your visit to our website or once the products of your choice are in your shopping cart. To start the process click log in (top centre of the home page) and click register.

Here you’re asked for information such as: name, business e-mail, phone number and VAT number (automatically verified). The last step is to fill in your personal password that in combination with your e-mail address will allow you to log in. Finally at general conditions tick off the privacy and cookie statement and your account is ready to use at any time you wish. We’ll be using the e-mail address that you filled in, to inform you with ordering conformation, track & trace information on your shipment and eventually the invoice.


Your account

With your e-mail address and password you have 24/7 access to all documents that are created for you. Whether this is a specific packing slip, preliminary documents or certificates, you can always find these, print or download them. You also can alter or add information or check the net pricing that we’ve calculated based on our cooperation so far. 


Selecting and ordering products

On the left side of the page you’ll see all product categories. By clicking one of these you can simply choose a specific type or version (DT-number) followed by the required quality (SF number). After this you’ll see al available versions, matching price (ex VAT) and a short specification. Choosing show more will open a new screen with images and a more extended description of the product. You also will see the available stock and further information to assist you with your choice.

Ordering is simple. First select the required amount and than click order. You’ll see a notification that your product(s) is added to your shopping cart and the question whether you want to continue shopping or to go to basket. This way you can easily order all products needed. Later in the process you’ll have the possibility to add your internal article number to a product, as well as changing/adding or deleting products.


Adjusting the content of your basket

In your basket you’ll see an overview of all products selected so far including quantity, price per piece and total amount. Clicking the image on the left side or the short description right of that will open the extended description. Here you can check your product or you can continue shopping. Clicking the arrow on the left topside of the screen will bring you back to your basket. 

On the right side of the price you can see the number ordered which can easily be changed, after which you can press UPDATE so the total amount will be changed accordingly. Deleting an order-line is simply done by pressing the red X on the right hand side. The entire order-line is deleted and a notification appears that the content of your basket has been changed successfully. At the bottom of your order you’re presented with the choices continue shopping or pay which will open the screen of your choice.


Adding your internal article number

Having selected products in the right amount you finally click on to basket you’ll see an overview of all products in your basket. You can change, delete or add products. At each order-line you’ll notice a red frame in which you can add your internal reference or article number. This number will appear on each document, and will be suggested by entering the first character in future orders.


Adding an order number and submitting your order

When you’ve checked your order en click on​​ pay. A new screen opens that will lead you through some simple steps.  You will be presented with the next questions:

* Do you wish to use the known billing address or another address? When using different addresses you here can choose between them.

* What is the delivery address for this order? Any previous entered address can be chosen or altered on details.

* Which method of delivery is required for this order, free shipment or will the order be picked up at our warehouse?

* Which method of payment will be used? Either choose the payment in advance or the 30-day term. Here you also can add your project/order number or other reference.

After you’ve made all choices a new screen opens showing the entire order. Check your order and click submit. Your order is now send and a confirmation will be send to your e-mail address.


Certificates, orders, packing slips and documents

When you’re logged-in you can easily see, change and download all documents. Choose my account for an overview and on the left hand side you can choose and open downloads/certificates​ that we've stored for you. In the now opened screen you can see all details, certificates and information of particular orders. This information is available under my orders too.