Chiang Sung Enterprise (CSE) started in 1993 with a select group of specialists. With their long term experience in design and production of stainless steel products, they soon build an important position in sanitary and vacuum technology. Currently they are one of the biggest manufacturers for high quality Stainless Steel products - including Pharmaceutical and Semiconductors. CSE has production facilities in China, Taiwan and Thailand, with over 1400 employees using a production area of 120.000 m2. With a turnover of >150 million USD they serve OEM’s, stockholders, distributors and end-users in all continents.

In 2013 CSE’s management decided to deploy the vast knowledge and manufacturing experience for the European market with ASME-BPE products. A market CSE until then only indirect supplied through “manufacturers” which branded these products under their own name and label. The global ASME-BPE market demanded a high- and reliable quality in combination with service at a competitive price level. To ensure this, CSE extended their production and facilities in Thailand, and concentrated QA teams, cleaning, packaging and storage in a controlled environment. On top of that approx >1 million USD in environmental friendly Electro polish equipment was invested, resulting in the expansion in human capital, knowledge, back-office and an European distribution network.

At this moment CSE is Worldwide one (out of 2) ASME certified manufacturing companies for ASME-BPE tube and fittings. In December 2018 they passed the demands of the ASME committee with their EP equipment. This makes CSE global the only manufacturer having an ASME-EP certificate, besides a large number of approvals/partnerships of authorities and major standards such as 3A, ASME, ATEX, CE, FDA, ISO 9001, PED, SGS, TUV and many others.  

The continuous support and service of CSE, combined with the Highest possible Quality offers the best starting point for our customers and partners in every project. For more information about CSE's products, manufacturing locations and certificates