Overview DT-numbers 2009-2018 DT-numbers

Specification Seamless and Welded tube for general service ASTM A-632

Specification Stainless and Welded tube ASTM A-269

Summary tolerances Welded Stainless Steel tube ASTM A-270

Standard for size, tolerance and mass Stainless Steel tube ISO 1127

ISO/TUV ertificate CSE-Group ISO 9001 CSE-Group

Sample certificate acc. DIN EN 10204 3.1B Certificate

Article "Rouging" Pharmaceutical Engineering" (2012) Rouging in Stainless Steel

Article "Rouging in Pharmaceutical Water Systems" (IVT 2015) Rouging in WFI

What is it about Delta-Ferrite and Rouging? (2016) Delta-Ferrite and Rouging

Is there a quality difference between seamless and welded tube for clean applications? (2016) Seamless and welded tube

Article "Weld discolouration" Pharmaceutical Engineering (2011) Weld discolouration

Explanation Roughness Measurements of Surfaces Roughness measurements Surfaces

Self-repair mechanism of Stainless Steel Self-repair mechanism