Managing director of CSE Bioprocess Equipment BV Cor Tiele has a lifetime experience with Stainless Steel used in Ultra High Purity applications. He started Dockweiler BV in 1993 and developed the market as General Manager Benelux for over 22 years, after which BPE-Technology was started serving European ASME-BPE users with 24/7 access to product specifications, available stock, prices and material certificates. He has a passion for stainless steel and has acquired a vast amount of experience in the semiconductor, biotechnical and pharmaceutical industries. This experience and knowledge, combined with the advanced technologies and quality approach of the CSE-Group is now concentrated in an European stock facility with ASME-BPE products which, compared to the current market, offers advantages with regards to quality, availability and ultimately pricing.

CSE Bioprocess Equipment is a Dutch company and 100% owned by the CSE-Group, which offers adequate financial security for present and future partners. In general CSE Bioprocess Equipment's aim is to find distributors in European countries with experience in the sales and service of products used in the Bio/Pharmaceutical industry, for example tank components. mixers, valves, clamps & gaskets, rupture disks…. After careful selection, we support a distributor with ASME-BPE products from our European stock, which generate direct a positive contribution to sales, turnover per customer and profit margin. After starting a successful cooperation, we offer special conditions to build-up an own local stock with fast moving products, supplied FOB and delivered direct to your warehouse.

If you’re interested to join our distribution network, just send an email with your thoughts to